Quilt pictures, October 2009
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To honor Zachary's 7th anniversary, our volunteers made and donated 45 quilts/fleece blankets to CHOP's oncology unit.

My apologies goes out to our dedicated quilting volunteers.  My computer crashed and I lost the group photo I had taken before everyone left for college.
Our thanks goes out to our dedicated quilting volunteers:  Alex Windle, Katie Windle, Lindsey Mayer, Chuck Otto, Tim Bruno, Cathy Windle, Georgine Slattery and Amy McKlindon.

Many thanks to our blanket making groups:  West Chester University's Council for Exceptional Children and West Chester University's WCAEYC group.

We could not continue providing our quilts of love without you!
Chuck's lighthouse, Oct. 2009
Alex's fish quilt, Oct. 2009
Lindsey's swirls quilt, Oct. 2009
Alex's baseball quilt, Oct.2009
Cathy jungle quilt, Oct. 2009
Katie tropical quilt, Oct. 2009
Cathy pastel quilt, Oct. 2009
Cathy pink dot quilt, Oct. 2009
Cathy Star quilt, Oct. 2009 (thanks Tim)
Alex starfish quilt, Oct. 2009
Cathy green toile quilt, Oct. 2009