February 2010 Quilt Pictures
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On February 21, 2010 to celebrate what would have been Zachary's 15th birthday our fund made and donated 42 quilts/fleece blankets.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to those near and far who have dedicated their time to making quilts for the children on the oncology unit at The children's hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Pictured:  Katie Windle &Cathy Windle (thanks to the snow storms we were each able to make 6 quilts)
Camera shy:  Alex Windle (away at school), Priscilla Danz, Sue Anderson & Georgine Slattery...thank you ladies for finishing some of the quilts and making a few of your own.

Special thanks to our new friends in Connecticut!  The ladies of The Clamshell Quilting Guild made and donated to our fund 15 beautiful quilts.  We hope our partnership will continue for a long time!

With our appreciation to our continued partnership with the ladies from West Chester University's WCAEYC group who made and donated 11 fleece blankets!
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Our thanks goes out to West Chester University's  Association for Education for Young Children (WCAEYC) Group who have been making fleece blankets for our organization for three years!
Clam Shell Quilting Guild (CT) pinwheel quitl
Clam Shell Quilting Guild (CT) butterfly patch quilt.
Cathy's swirl patch quilt
Georgine patchwork quilt
Katie Dora quilt
Cathy's transportation quilt
Clam Shell Quilting Guild (CT) airplane quilt
Clam Shell Quilt Guild, (CT) butterfly triangle quilt
Alex's frog quilt (thanks Georgine) Cathy's black swirl quilt
Priscilla's amazing quilt
Clam Shell Quilting Guild (CT)
plaid quilt
Clam Shell Quilting Guild (CT) boat quilt
Katie's sports quilt
Cathy's small square transportation quilt (thank you Sue!)
Sue plaid quilt
Katie's all american quilt
Cathy's floral stripes quilt