Quilt pictures, October 2010
On October 11, 2010 in honor of Zachary's 8th "angel" day, our fund made and donated 30 quilts, 20 fleece blankets and 30 pillowcases for the patients on the oncology unit at The Children's Hospital of  Philadelphia.

Our appreciation and thanks goes out to our many dedicated volunteers:
The council for Exceptional Children at West Chester University; The Clamshell Guild of CT; Lindsey Mayer, Barb Bosha, Georgine Slattery; Pat Gregg; Kimberly Gregg; Katie Windle, Alex Windle and Cathy Windle.  We could not do this without the love and dedication of our volunteers!
Georgine's pink & purple square quilt, 10/10
Georgine's patch quilt, Oct. 2010
Clamshell Quilt, Animal Squares, 10/10
Alex's frog quilt, Oct. 2010
Clamshell Quilt, Blue & Yellow , Oct. 2010
Katie's fish quilt, Oct. 2010
Katie's blue patch quilt, Oct. 2010
Clamshell, Quilt, Butterflies, Oct. 2010
Clamshell Quilt, Green and Black Patch, Oct. 2010
Lindsey's Fire Truck Quilt, Oct. 2010
Lindsey's Blue's Clue's quilt, Oct. 2010
Katie's diamond quilt, Oct. 2010
Cathy's floral patch quilt, Oct. 2010
Georgine's blue & green quilt, Oct. 2010
Clamshell Quilt, Panda, Oct. 2010
Katie's football quilt, Oct. 2010
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