Community Events
When we dropped off our quilt donation on February 21, 2009, we had asked if there
was any requests our fund could fulfill for the oncology unit.  The child life specialist
said they needed a new play kitchen, play food and playdoh for the play room.

On March 20, 2009 we fulfilled their request and donated a new play kitchen, a lot of
play food, aprons and chef hats, playdoh and a wooded table top workbench which
reminded us of Zach.

Below is a picture of a patient enjoying the new kitchen in the playroom.
When we dropped off our quilt donation in October, 2008, the childlife
specialist commented that the oncology floor could really use a cart like the
one we use for our fund.
In February 2009, we donated an aluminum three tier utility cart for the
oncology unit.  We know the parents/patients will really get a lot of use out
of  the cart when they are loading/unloading their rooms after a hospital stay.  
We are happy to provide something that will make their lives a little easier!
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In July 2010, a basketball fundraiser was held to benefit
our nonprofit organization.  The Moneyball was held in
Bonner's gymnasium and organized by Rudee (for her
Upper Darby High School Senior Project) with the help of
her sister, Karla (a graduate of Villanova University).  
Everyone who participated that day had a lot of fun and
they were able to raise $200.00 for our fund.  Thank you to
those who organized the event and those who volunteered
their time to help with the event!
Our fund was asked to donate teen/young adult
books for the patient's use while they were
inpatient on the oncology unit.  We were able
to donate over $400 in books on October 11,
Here is a sampling of the titles we donated:
-Number the Stars
-A Thousand Splendid Suns
-Turtle in Paradise
-The Catcher in the Rye
-The Great Gatsby
-The Angel Experiment:  A Maximum Ride
-The Harry Potter Series
-Chronicles of Narnia Box Set
-Vampire Academy Bos Set (1-4)
-The Hunger Games Series
-Percy Jackson and the Olympians boxed set
-Inkheart Trilogy Boxset
-Gathering Blue
-Things Fall apart
-Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
-Catch 22:  50th Anniversary Edition
February 2013, our fund donated art
supplies for the  child life specialists
to utilize with the children on the
oncology floor.
March 2015:  Our fund was able to provide
supplies to the child life workers to utilize for the
oncology teen support group so they could have an
ice cream social with their movie night on April
In coordination with our mission of providing a little bit of hope, love and
strength to the Oncology patients our fund has been able to help provide a little
bit of fun and entertainment to the patients and their families.  We have been
able to provide over $2200 in assorted gift cards for the child life specialists to
use for special surprises for the oncology patients and also have granted some
requests for supplies for the oncology play/teen rooms.  We would like to be
able to help the Child Life Specialists in providing a smile and a little bit of
normalcy to the patients.
October 2014:  Our fund provided over $1200
worth of assorted gift cards (Target, Visa,
MasterCard, Amazon, I-Tunes) to the oncology
child life specialists to utilize for special treats for
the oncology patients.  We also donated some
much needed new play food for the oncology
patient playroom.
October 2013:  Our fund was able to provide
over $1100 in gift cards (McDonald's,
MasterCard, Amzon, I-Tunes, Bath & Body
Works) for the child life specialists to provide
special treats to the oncology patients at their