Quilt Pictures:  February 21, 2011
Due to conflicts in schedules, we were unable to get a group photo of our volunteers.  This is a picture of all the quilts/blankets our volunteers made and donated to the oncology unit in February.
In honor of Zach's 16th birthday in the heavens our volunteers made and donated 21 quilts and 29 fleece blankets to the oncology patients at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 
We could not do this without the support of all our dedicated volunteers.  Our heartfelt thanks goes out to:  Girl Scout Troop #4385; the Clamshell Guild of CT; Georgine Slattery; Sue Marinelli; Lindsey Mayer; West Chester's University's Council for Exceptional Children; West Chester's University's WCAEYC education group; an 8th grade autisitic support class at The Vanguard School; and of course, Alex, Katie & Cathy Windle.
West Chester University's WCSEYC group (Sorry, ladies, the picture came out fuzzy!)
Girl Scout Troop #4385.  Most of these girl scout did not know how to sew.  Over the course of three meetings, they each learned the basics of sewing and were able to complete an entire quilt to donate to the oncology patients.  Thank you to Corey  and Sherrie for organizing the meetings. 
Cathy's star quilt, 2/11
Clamshell Guild's patchwork quilt, 2/11
Cathy's tool quilt, 2/11 (bob the builder on back) -thanks Maryanne for the fabric!
Alex Duck Quilt, Feb. 2011
Katie's snowmen quilt, 2/11
Katie's animal quilt, 2/11
Lindsey's brown & pink patch quilt, 2/11
Georgine's floral quilt, 2/11
Katie's dressup quilt, 2/11
Sue's patchwork squares quilt, 2/11
Georgine's fish quilt, 2/11 Cathy's tool patch quilt, 2/11 (thanks Maryanne for the fabric)
Katie's patchwork quilt, 2/11 Katie's lots of purses quilts, 2/11
blanket making, 2/11
blanket making
Georgine's beach quilt, 2/11
Katie's dressup patch quilt, 2/11
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