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        Fun Times with Zachary
   Despite Zachary's illness and constant medical needs, he enjoyed life to the fullest!  We wanted
to share some of Zachary's favorite things with you so you can see that even though he was in and
out of the hospital over the years he still enjoyed the simple things in life.
 Family was extremely important to Zachary, he always told you he loved you and he wanted to be
held by you!  He gave great hugs and gave them out freely.  One of his favorite things to do, like
any kid, was to watch TV.  Some of his favorite shows were Sponge Bob, Bob the Builder, Blue's
Clues, Franklin, Home Time, The New Yankee Workshop and cooking shows. His all time favorite
movie is "Angels in the Outfield"---his favorite line was "it could happen"but he also constantly
watched " Stuart Little".  He liked to take walks with his walker every night around the
neighborhood and visit with everyone he knew.  If he was in the hospital, he had to take a walk
across the bridge and watch the construction and see what the workers did that day.  He enjoyed
going to the playground and sliding down the slide and sitting on my lap on the swing.  One of his
favorite places  to go was the library. He enjoyed selecting his own books and thought he was hot
stuff when he got his own library card!  Zachary loved to go to the zoo but he only allowed you to
go around the perimeter since all his favorite animals, like the giraffes, elephants, zebras and
monkeys, lived there. He also always wanted to go to The Please Touch Museum; he could spend
hours shopping in their little supermarket.  Zachary also enjoyed going real food shopping.  He
would sit in the front of the shopping cart just so he could give me a hug down each new aisle.
 One of Zachary's favorite places to go on a family outing was the beach.  He couldn't go in the
water since he had a broviac but he enjoyed walking along the beach getting his feet wet.  When we
first started taking him to the beach he hated the sand, if the sand got on his feet we had to wash
them off immediately!  He eventually learned to love the sand and one of our fondest memories is
when Alex took two hours to build a sand castle with a huge moat and when he was just about
done, Zachary crawled around the moat and then crawled over the sand castle.  Boy was Alex
upset!  We just laughed because it was so nice to see Zachary behave like a normal younger
brother.  Zach also loved to play miniature golf.  He always won since he would hit the ball once
(with our help) and then get close to the ball and bend down, pick it up and put it in the hole, "I got
two!" he would yell.  He also loved to go to the amusement park and his favorite rides were the
Carousel, race cars with his Dad and the sky ride since he felt like he was flying.
  Zachary enjoyed it when his sister, Katie babysat.  They would listen to loud music and dance
around the living room.  They would do arts and crafts and play play-doh!. Zach had a collection of
cars and trucks.  He was very picky about which ones he wanted to add to his collection.  He used
to play car dealership with us.  He owned a Ford truck dealership and would take orders over the
phone for new trucks.  Zachary also loved to play with his play mobile and brio trains.  He would
make elaborate set ups with his construction vehicles or fire trucks that would take hours to build.  
He wanted you to play with him but, please ask before touching anything because he always had a
certain way he wanted to play!  Zachary also enjoyed painting, he would make a very colorful
picture and then paint over it with all one color.  He would paint anything including wood scraps to
make shelves for his favorite people. Zachary enjoyed making friends with everyone and he loved
to tell you stories about his day.  He could talk his way out of any situation and he could out reason
and out argue anyone, including his brother, Alex.
 Zachary enjoyed taking care of his faithful companion, BoBo.  He made sure BoBo had on the
appropriate outfit for the activity of the day whether it was school, baseball or anything else.  BoBo
went through all the operations with Zachary.  He travelled on the back of Zach's walker. He went
to school with him, baseball games, parties and he even had to be buckled in if he was in the
car---we didn't want him to get hurt.  Zachary wanted to be like other people he admired.  He was a
nurse/doctor dishing out medical advise or giving you a pic line.  He was a carpenter.  Hanging
moulding with masking tape, laying down hardwood floors, writing contracts and constantly
underbidding his dad on a job!  He didn't know his letters but he could name every tool he owned
and what type of job you would need it for.  He was a businessman carrying a cellphone, beeper,
date book and wearing his button down shirt with a tie, keys clipped on his belt loop, pocket watch
in his pocket----what a character.  He even went through a phase wearing a tie with a Shirt because
you always had to look good for your customers!  He was also a great cook and constantly stole
food items out of the cabinets to use in his dishes that he was making.  Once he even crushed a real
tomato to put in his dish, what a mess!  He also had to make his coffee before he went to bed, he
used popcorn kernels, raisins, etc and didn't understand why I was getting upset.
 So, you see Zachary was just a normal kid in our eyes.  Despite all his medical needs he enjoyed
life to the fullest.  He lived every day like there was no tomorrow.  We could all learn a lesson from
him.  Accept who you are, enjoy what you have, enjoy your family and friends, enjoy the little
things in life because you just never know, live your life to the fullest!  Zachary wouldn't have
wanted it any other way!
                                                           Cathy (Zach's mom)
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