Our Wish:
The Buddy Pal for Life Fund wishes to provide a sense of hope to every newly
diagnosed pediatric cancer patient and their families at the time of their family
meeting. When parents/patients leave their family meeting after finding out their
prognosis and the course of treatment and all the tests they have to undergo;
they are usually overwhelmed and extremely scared of what the future might
hold for their child and their families.  They leave the meeting with a bunch of
pamphlets, the paperwork explaining the treatment options and little else.  We
wish to give them strength knowing someone else cares and knows what they
are feeling.

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The "Hope Package" we provide the families includes:

1. A book to help them learn about their type of cancer and the different procedures.  
Depending on the patients' diagnosis they will receive:  Childhood Brain & Spinal Cord
Tumors:  A guide for families, friends & Caregivers; or Childhood Cancer:  A parent's
guide to solid tumor cancers; or Childhood Leukemia:  A guide for families, friends &
2. A journal for them to write their thoughts down or just draw a picture
3. Window markers
4. Coloring book and crayons
5.  Puzzle Book
6.  Notecards to write thank you notes
7.  Weekly  planner
8.  Wawa gift card to purchase gas or food
9.  A book,The Jester Has Lost His Jingle by David Saltzman, donated by The Jester &
Pharley Phund; or for the older patient, the book:  Cutting up Laughing and Crafting by
Aubrie Maze
10. A Buddy Pal for Life Fund Pen
11. Playing cards

The hope packages are distributed by the oncology social workers within the first couple
weeks of the patient's diagnosis.  On average we donate approximately 10-15 packages a
month depending on the need of the oncology floor.

***As of March 2015 we have donated
1405 Hope Packages and 430 additional books
to the patients and their families***

We wish to thank all the supporters of The Buddy Pal for Life Fund.  We couldn't do this
without the love and support of our many contributors. Our thanks and appreciation goes
out to everyone who has supported us in any way.
***The contents of the Hope Package costs us :  
$18.00 for each book with shipping
$6.00 for each journal
$6.00 for the window markers,
$8.00  for the puzzle books, coloring book, crayons, and playing cards,
$4.00 for notecards
$10 for the weekly planner
$4.50 for the Hope bag (purple or black backpack-Thank you to Brothers Printing)
$2.00 for the pen
$12.00 for  the teen book (thank you to AMazing Publications for the discount!)
$20.00 for the Wawa cards***