Quilt pictures, February 21, 2004
On February 21, 2004 our fund donated 42 quilts to the oncology unit at CHOP.  These quilts were made by our quilting volunteers, some of whom are pictured here.  

             Pictured:  Cathy Windle, Pat Gregg, Alex Windle, Georgine Slattery, Steph Casey, Amy McKlinden, Kathleen (senior project), Cheryl Anusky, Kim Nichols, Colleen Greg, Jen Anusky, Kimberly Gregg, Katie Windle & Trisha Vernon. (missing:  Jeanine Ridgeway, Joe Windle)

***Please click on picture to enlarge***  
Alex ship quilt
Amy heart patchwork quilt
Kathleen fish quilt
Steph patchwork quilt
Georgine happy quilt
Amy patchwork quilt
Jeanine laundry day quilt
Jen hot lips quilt
Katie & Kathleen patchwork quilt Katie & Trish Island quilt Colleen Irish quilt
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