February 2012, Quilt Pictures:
to honor Zach's 17th birthday
In celebration of Zach's 17th birthday up above, our volunteers made and donated 25 quilts and 10 flleece blankets to the pediatric oncology unit at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  We would like to thank the child life specialists at CHOP for their time in distributing the quilts to the patients.  Our love and appreciation goes out to each and every volunteer.  We could not continue to provide comfort, warmth, and hope to these patients without the love, time, and dedication you put into each quilt!  Thank you to:  Katie & Cathy, who spent the last six weeks sewing their hearts out; Georgine, who has been helping us from the start and always provides such creative quilts; Sue, whom we couldn't have finished without her help quilting our creations; Chuck, who quickly finished his creation; Alex, who is always dedicated; and West Chester University's Council for Exceptional Children, who's partnership is greatly appreciated!
Cathy's batter's up quilt, Feb. 2012 Georgine's floral stripes quilt, Feb. 2012
Kati'es Animal Quilt, Feb. 2012
Chuck's Sports Quitl, Feb. 2012
Cathy's cupcake quilt, Feb. 2012
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