October 2011 Quilt Pictures:
On October 11, Zach's 9th angel day, our fund donated 40 quilts/blankets which our dedicated volunteers made for the oncology patients.  We wish to thank our quilting volunteers-  Alex, Katie, Georgine, Chuck, Amy, and Cathy for all the love they put into making the 25 quilts and also the Vangard Autistic support class which made the 15 blankets. 

We wish to also thank Kim, Trisha, Amy & Katie who helped with the fundraising mailer.
Katie turquoise paisley quilt
Alex's fish quilt
Lindsey Patchwork quilt
Cathy's daisy squares quilt
Georgine's stripe/floral quilt
Katie's colorful patchwork quilt
Alex's tractor quilt Cathy's bear quilt
Cathy's jungel quilt
Katie patchwork quilt
Alex sports quilt